Saturday, February 12, 2005

I Look Forward To Nothing

Today I tried to imagine nothing. Not that I tried to imagine nothing at all, no, I tried to imagine something we call nothing. Nothing worked. I can imagine things, but I cannot imagine nothing. Conclusion: nothing is nothing to me. To me the universe is endless because there cannot be nothing around it. If there can be nothing around it, anywhere, I can’t imagine nothing.

I would highly appreciate it if anyone who reads this, with the brainpower that can imagine nothing, gives me a definition of nothing by Email. I look forward to nothing at all.



Anonymous said...

Isn’t ‘to imagine nothing’ a kind of an oxymoron? We can imagine many things, the absence of certain things, even the absence of many things. But we can’t imagine no-things: the absence of all things. For in that case there’s nothing left to imagine.
But maybe…

Nice observation, Daphne.

Buter said...

I try to imagine who you are, but you left no name. You are an Anonymous passenger. :)