Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bird Of Chalk

Once I made a drawing on a blackboard at school. I must have been maybe seven years old. It was a drawing of a bird. A huge bird with a long beak. I shall never forget that bird. I shall never forget all the other kids said how beautiful the bird was. I knew this bird was a part of me. All the colours and the hungry wings spread out… It came out me and there it was. Free as a bird of chalk.
When the teacher came in she was real angry with me. She obeyed me to take the brush and she made me wipe out the bird. The bird became powder. The powder fell onto to floor and the bird became dust. The bird disappeared for ever from the blackboard, it had to vanish from there, but it never disappeared back into me. Once things come out, they cannot go back where they come from completely.