Friday, February 11, 2005

Just Write A Story

Write a story. Don’t’ ask me what kind of story. Just write a story. Any story. A story about nothing if you want. I know a guy who makes up stories all day. If I ask him ‘how are you?’ He tells me he’d just made a trip around the world, walking, on his bare feet, with a dog named Buddy Hopper, who protected him against some aliens with odd sexual desires.
If I ask him ‘and how’s your mom doing?’ He tells me she kind of died some weeks ago but just before she was buried she knocked on the cap of the coffin, which he had made for her, and therefore it was a gold plated coffin because he’s doing so good with his business in granite tiles lately, he doesn’t know what to do with all the money he makes, and this is how they found out his mother was still alive. If I ask him: ‘Are you happy?’ He says,‘I don’t like to tell you the truth thus I'd better not lie about it.’
He’s awesome. I think you should write a story about him.

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