Thursday, February 03, 2005

That Old Man And Me

I’ve just been out in the rain here. It is hideously cold and the rain was just as cold. I wanted to feel it. I just let the rain wash my face. Then I saw an old man, and he smiled at me because I probably looked a little funny standing in the rain and enjoying it. That man was about seventy years old and I said ‘hello there, how are you today?’ He said he was fine but cold. I said I was fine but cold too. I started walking and he walked with me. I said, 'can I take your hand?' And he said, 'that would be very nice.' I took his old hand and that is how we walked, that old man and me, hand in hand in the rain, until we both had to go in another direction.


Sean Farragher said...

This story is perfect Buter: humane, elegant and larger than the words.

Buter said...

Thanks mister Farragher. BTW, are you an old man yourself? :)