Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I Think You Should Write About This

I Took This Picture When Holland Was Hit By A Meteorite With The Size Of Amsterdam Posted by Picasa

We walked on the beach and the sun dropped down. Maybe I cannot bring to mind if it was like that. Maybe it was morning and the sun just never rose. Anyway, everyone was waiting for a new day to begin. With silvery sunglasses in front of their eyes a crowd gazed to the purple heaven. On the news, someone said planet Earth was hit by a meteoroid the size of Amsterdam and that we had to be prepared to die within 24 hours. Some people started to make weird sounds. We walked to the sea but there was no sea. We walked there hand in hand, freezing in a mysterious twilight, and my spouse whispered, suffocating, ‘I think you should write about this.’


bevjackson said...

and I'm glad you did. Eerie and good.

PetraO. said...

I'm glad you survived the disaster. One of these days I will go and look if the sea is still there.