Tuesday, November 29, 2005

2005 Pushcart Prize Nomination On A Hazy Day

I'm wondering who this picture took... Posted by Picasa

Everything is hazy. You can see in this picture how hazy things are. This picture was taken in 2004 but I forgot who took it. I do remember that I wondered why in the world life is so obscure, when the picture was shot.
I don’t know where to go today. I talked to a beautiful voice on Skype. Even during that conversation things went hazy. A huge electronic squall began to muddle up the talk. I don't think it was a supernatural being who did that. I think, in the end, we blamed it all on Bill Gates.
Later I wrote a letter. I tried to explain something hazy to someone. Then I thought: what the fuck am I talking about?

However, this morning I received a clear letter. Kathy Fish, one of the editors of Smokelong Quarterly wrote me:

"The editors of Smokelong Quarterly are thrilled to nominate your story ‘He Wrote Sixteen Pencils Empty’ for the 2005 Pushcart Prize. This is a yearly prize for the best stories published in American small presses."

How cool is that? Nevertheless, since I received that letter, life is more hazy. I sit behind my Dutch cloudy desk here, much like in this unclear picture, and I gaze at the ceiling and I think about my blurry life and things.


PS. I would appreciate it if a lot of adds about penis enlargement and snoring problems, would appear as comments to this hazy message. I'm trying to get used to that.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Congratulations, Daphne!!

And yes, YOU TOO can be BIGGER, snore LESS, and learn FIFTY WAYS to satisfy your partner, all for $19.95...

Buter said...

What a great promise, ma'am Hurlbut. Please send me 49 ways.

Richard said...

Hello Daphne,

I'm a little purple hazy myself!

I've added your cool blog to mine at Satori Kick .com

Patry Francis said...

Yes, sometimes life is hazy, but sometimes it's bright orange like the color of the windbreaker.

Congrats on your pushcart nomination!