Thursday, January 19, 2006

Frigg Magazine Is Up

Artwork by me. Posted by Picasa

Enough about death for now because the winter issue of Frigg Magazine is up. Frigg Magazine was the second magazine that accepted stories I wrote in my funny English. You can find these here: Five Flashes

I became friends with staff editor Ellen Parker. Now and then I make some artwork for Frigg. Sometimes a bit like the piece above this text.

This issue I was invited to submit 5 pictures as featured photographer. You can find them here: Five Pictures

Frigg Magazine is my favourite zine. Take a look at the whole magazine here: FRiGG Magazine

And don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful artwork of EnoaraF. His name is a mystery, sorry. Frigg Magazine is an explosion of good work, no doubt about that in my mind.


kim said...

Daphne's pictures are amazing! The girl in pink...I'm blown reminds me of the girl with the pearl earing, the quality, the sentiment for sure...Daphne? Do you sell your photographs? they are wonderful!

Hey was that a bong in the second photo?

Huh, that's funny I was just thinking about your Picture..the one I love, and it dawned on me that The girl with pearl..was also a Dutch artist, Vermeer? And you are Dutch also?

kim said...

Daphne! I can't get that picture off my mind.

it really truely is, I believe, a modern masterpiece...very rarely do I come across a painting, or photo, or piece of art that calls out to me, has such a strong hold on me...even walking through a museum I could say no I wouldn't want this one or that one...regardless of the artist, for instance If given the opportunity(sp) to buy a Monet I'd pass, ah..but a Rodin, I would love no it's not the artist it is the work that reaches me..and your girl, I love her. Do you do prints?

Buter said...

Yeah! I'm sure about one thing
I do love a babe named Kim.

Thank you huge Kim, for posting this here.

Ricus said...

Some of your photographs remind me of Renoir. His painting ‘In the summer’ for instance has the same dreamfull athmosphere around a girl who’s thoughts are somewhere else, far away even, in a world she wants to conserve; a world that doesn’t seem to stroke with the real world, which she just might realise at the moment the painting is made.
(You should see his work in real life. If you glance at gallerys on the web, the painting might look a bit kitschy. But, of course, probably, you knew this before I did...)

Buter said...

Ricus, I'm gonna check my mailbox soon to see or we are in contact.

Thank you so much for your great comment. Listen, we need to meet again. I really want to see you again. I hope you became an old man with bleached hair. I remember you bleached your hair with something chemical from your mother's kitchen and it hurt.
And I want to scare the hell out of you because I go so much after my mother it, well, it hurts also. Ha!

Do you remember my (half)brother? His name is Chain now. :S
He was tired of the name N. I suppose. No kiddin, he's with THC and he can do all kind of funny things with heavy sounds. He's crazy. Scroll down this Blog and you can see him.

The rest of my family is dead or a problem. Like I said, we have 30 years to talk over.

Thank you for visiting my Blog again.

I hope you are happy.

Ricus said...

Yes I'm happy. Or well, I would give my average happiness a 7 on scale 1-10, which is quite good I guess. (Of course, now and then I score 4 or 5 and sometimes even a 9! Yesterday was OK, 7.5, 7.6 maybe)
I didn't become grey, a bit balder though, which is even worse, no?

Buter said...

I think grey is worse because if your hair would be grey, you would have to shave it off and then you would be bald.


Patry Francis said...

I love Frigg--and your artwork!

Matt said...


I saw your pictures in FRiGG a while ago and liked them, but the one at the top of this post is amazing. Thanks for sharing!