Friday, February 25, 2005

Cocooning in Amsterdam (two)

Our Cursed House In Amsterdam Posted by Hello

On the third floor of our house lived a woman with a face that looked like a painting of Picasso. Her face was asymmetric. Her right eye, closer to her forehead then her left eye, always gazed across the canal, while her left eye, closer to her nose then her right eye, was watching the tip of her nose all the time. Her face was a brainteaser, and her name was Sensy.
Sensy made a living as a prostitute. When I first discovered she had sex with men for money, I was even more intrigued by her asymmetric face. I asked my mother why in the world men would pay to see her naked, and my mother answered, ‘don’t you understand that? Sensy is just the kind of woman men can’t resist, because her mouth is always open.’

Sensy committed suicide on the age of 53. She took a whole bunch of aspirin with two bottles of Sherry. Then she jumped of the roof of our house and landed in our garden, where she looked like a bigger brainteaser then ever.
In her goodbye letter she wrote: ‘Men want to fuck with women’s heads.’


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