Sunday, February 27, 2005

Me, The Insect Inside Her Womb

The Anouncement Of My Birth Posted by Hello

When my mother was pregnant with me, my father said to a friend of his, ‘I wish she bumped with that belly onto a train. I wish that insect inside her womb died.’
I suppose no one could stop me from staying alive. If my mother told me my father had said these nasty things, she always smiled and added, ‘your father was such a special man. He just hated kids.’
This is the announcement of my birth. As you can see my parents were very confused. The announcement says they have found a new house, a new cat, and a new telephone number. There is a P.S. that says, ‘we have another child.’


Patricia said...

Nothing will ever stop you from being alive..xoxoxoxoxo

Stan said...

So far you have cocooned in Amsterdam and moved on to become an insect. I am imagining a beautiful butterfly with gossamer wings and a gentle touch

Buter said...

And you make me fly... :)

morbidey said...

hi Daphne,
I just remember, i once was a twin. And since im here alone ... well the rest you can guess.
Btw i got your bloq mania aww so i have a blog too, alltough im not a writer.. check if you time ok :)(i know this sounds cheesy but hey we live in Holland)
My blog adress is awell morbidey.blogspot rest you know.
Regards from the snowy amsterdam

Adriana Bliss said...

I love the line, "I suppose no one could stop me from staying alive." I believe in the story that spirits come from somewhere else - some spirits are determined to live, and do so, strongly.

I so enjoy your site - I come here, always finding something precious.

Peter said...

P.S. And she's such an amazing child...