Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I'm Just Really Straight

Once I had a obese friend who was a real funny hoodwink. I thought of his life as one big adventure. He told me he wasn’t straight and that his boyfriend was a movie star in Hollywood. One day I had an appointment with my boss in a restaurant. My friend, the hoodwink, dressed up as an oil magnate from Arabia, with a white sheet wrapped around his head, and he went to the restaurant too. He kept sending my boss messages and expensive drinks by the waiter. Messages that said: "I’m an oil magnate from Arabia, can I buy that blonde woman from you for a 1000.000 dollars?"

My Boss said it was bloodcurdling.

One day my friend the hoodwink told me he was in love with me. I was surprised since he had convinced me he wasn’t straight. He kept sending me messages and flowers, messages that said: "I’m no oil magnate from Arabia, and I have no boyfriend who is a movie star in Hollywood. I’m just really straight."


Steve Hansen said...

What a wonderful little story, Daph. I don't know what it is. Je nais se quois! But this little story is kind of heart breadking. Nice job!

Buter said...

Thanks you left a message, Steve. I'm glad to receive postst here. And thank you for your kind words.