Wednesday, February 09, 2005

No One Detects It

This morning, when I woke up, I tried to look at my life. There were no dreams to hold on to. There was nothing but this big silence inside me. I tried to look my life in the eye. The silence inside me was much like a huge storm. I sat on my bed and I thought: ‘My life is a tempest. This tempest lives inside me and it destroys me but no one detects it.’

I went downstairs and made a black coffee. I looked through the window of the garden and I saw a frantic bird with paralyzed wings.


Peter Ploemacher said...

I’m Dutch and my English is like toddler’s language, but I’ll try.
I’ve read your novel en several short stories.

Oscar Wilde wrote: We all lay in the gutter, but some are looking at the stars
You’re one of these ‘some ‘, as you watch our existence.
And if the stars are cold, so be it.
And if they are lonely and they’ll never meet another, so be it.
Let’s just be surprised at the cool light of some of them and in our best times admire it.

In our worse times we see nothing but dark, cold, endless space without mentioning any star and experience the resonance of it in our souls.
And such is our life.

I like your writing about life very much.

Buter said...

Hi Peter,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Did you take your shoes/clogs of first? :)

I was wondering, are you one of the star gazers as well? I think you would be the perfect company to lay in a gutter with.:)

Liesl Jobson said...

I hope this is a big gutter, Daphne and peter, because I have no shoes, only stargazers, which are really slip-slops for jaded feet, and a dire need to be reminded where to look.