Sunday, March 06, 2005

A One Night Stand

Cafe Bar Reijnders At The Amsterdam Leidseplein. Picture: Hans Buter. Posted by Hello

I had a friend who’s name was Xaviera and she was used to have one night stands. She always told me stories that sounded something like this: "I had a one night stand one night with a real awesome guy who smelled like butter, but I forgot his name because he was just one of my one night stands."
I was about 23 and I never had had a one night stand. I really wanted to have at least one one night stand too, thus, one night I went to the centre of Amsterdam to find myself a one night stand. I went to Café Bar Reijnders in Amsterdam to pick a victim up.
It was my lucky night because an ice-hockey-team was drinking beer and all the guys looked like they needed a one night stand real bad. I said, "hey, puck slammers, which one of you shall I pick to be my one night stand?" Remarkably enough all those guys yelled, "no thanks, Xaviera!"


narrator said...

oh, I loved this... a beautiful one-stop joke. thanks.

Buter said...

Thank you for visiting this place, narrator. :)