Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Red Light Districts Of Amsterdam

Hands Of A Dutch woman. You get the picture?
Picture: Daphne Buter Posted by Hello

We lived across from one of Amsterdam’s red-light-districts when I was a child. I liked to gaze at the half naked women who were drowning in red shadows. Their hair was red and their bodies, even their bra’s were red. All the men that went inside the little red houses became red as soon as they appeared on the other side of the windows, on the red side of the red whores. Next the whores closed their red curtains and I watched the clock. The men stayed inside for maybe 20 minutes and came outside with cute red, red-light-district faces.

Now the district is still there but the lights are no longer red. The whores drown in black-light nowadays and they look hygienic and healthy with huge tinted silicone breasts. They wear all kinds of fluorescent colored push-up bras. Green, yellow, pink, orange… Even their hair and lips and legs glow in the dark. Their high heels look like smoldering rockets, like nuclear weapons to kill all men with.

Only the men that go inside still come outside with cute red, red-light-district faces.


Peter Ploemacher said...

This is really a fascinating photo, Daphne. I'd like to see more of your paintings, drawings and photo's!

Stan said...

I really love the photo, too. I don't remember seeing this one anywhere? Very nice!

narrator said...

nicely done.

Buter said...

Thanks :)