Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Big Bill Broonzy Shot In Amsterdam

One Of The Stupid Pictures My Father Shot Of Big Bill Broonzy In Amsterdam. Posted by Picasa

Interestingly enough my father didn’t want me to become a writer. He said, ‘why in the world would you like to be a writer? Every sonofabitch can write. Writing is only a matter of holding a stupid pencil in your stupid hand to write something stupid down on a stupid piece of paper, and that is how writers write their stupid stories.’

Now, just think about the fact my father was a photographer. All he did was hold a stupid camera in his stupid hands while he pushed with his stupid fingers on stupid buttons, and that is how he shot his stupid pictures.


bevjackson said...

you are so funny. Your father must have made you laugh out loud.
He liked picture books, right?

Buter said...

Man, did I miss you. How's your love-life? lol

Dunno about my father though. The only time I saw him beam was in his coffin.