Monday, December 26, 2005

Believing In Men Like Santa And God

Picture by me. Posted by Picasa

This morning the heavens turned into a dark emerald and a bright strike of light escaped from the sun, hiding behind a few clouds. Then hailstones, large as marbles, began to fall in our garden. The light was out of this world and the hailstones sparkled, and it was all so beautiful, almost as if a supernatural being was planning it. We walked outside with our girls, and we began to dance in our garden. We spun in circles, holding hands, bare feet, while the hailstones kept falling, turning the world into a white psychosomatic swamp.
Then we spoke about our friend M. who’s eighteen and dying of cancer. We were just dancing there, raising our arms to the sky, and asking the universe to have compassion for M.
Doubtless we were praying in our own way.
I felt the same kind of happiness and sadness this morning when we were dancing there, which I sometimes experienced when I was a child thinking of life as something enduring. When I still believed in magical men that brought me presents or eternity, like Santa and God.


Nance Knauer said...

i love this, Daphne. thank you for such a gift.

Patry Francis said...

Amazing picture! And I love your dancing ambiguous prayer. Will remember your 18 year old friend in my own prayer dances.

Buter said...

Thank you, Nance. It is far beyond midnight here. It is, in fact, my birthday. I couldn't sleep.

Buter said...

Hello Patry Francis. You have a beautiful name.

You wrote you will remember M. in your own prayers. Is that a promise? Since nothing works, your prayers might, so please do.

Thank you.

Ellen said...

You do things with words like no one else, Daphne. Even your title slays me.

I'll join Patry in praying for your friend.


Buter said...

Thank you huge, Ellen. Your words have brighten up this day already.

I'll visit your Blog and Nance's and Patry's, later today.

We have snow today. It is very beautiful.

Stan said...

I can see you dancing with stars and light and a god that only smiles

Buter said...

Stan, your eyes must be very good. :)

But I can see things too. Let me guess. Um... do ya own a Gallery or something?

Maryanne Stahl said...

I am very late to this--why have I not found you before?--but I love your picture and your words and I too will prayer dance for your friend.