Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I've Got The Door In My Suitcase

My dream looked something like this. Posted by Picasa

I gazed outside my attic window and noticed that above the houses of Amsterdam, animals that looked like artificial dinosaurs hung stationary in the sky. Some of them had elongated necks and tails, others just protuberant bodies with heavy legs, that dangled above the trees. The creatures had dark colors, like purple and shadowy red. The sky grew darker and I thought the end of times began. Suddenly a bright streak of light fractured the sky. I saw a door in the heavens, made of clouds. While all the artificial animals started to move in circles, the door in the sky opened like a jaw and swallowed the earth. For some reason my house was still there, but outside my window was nothing but a thick blackness. I stretched my arms out of the window and touched the blackness, it felt like a never-ending emptiness.
I turned around and noticed my room was gone, changed into another place. In the middle of a hallway sat my mother on a throne, dressed in black old-fashioned clothes. A dress made of black velvet; a hat that looked like a bag. I looked at her face and noticed she was blind. I left the room and walked into another room. There was a man with a suitcase, who asked me or I knew a way out of this place.

"I’m lost myself," I said.

The man smiled at me mysteriously and his face came very close to mine when he said "I’ve got the door in my suitcase."

I tried to follow the man with the door in the suitcase but the faster I walked the further he went. I decided to go back to the room with the throne with my mother on it, but behind me was nothing but a blooming forest.
Suddenly I recognized the gardens of my youth. The trees surrounded me with white blossoms. I felt a huge happiness filling my mind. I had never seen the gardens so vivid and bright. I looked for the house where I was born, but the house was not there. Under one of the trees I saw the suitcase of the man and I wondered if the door to the house where I was born was inside it. I just stood there, wondering how another world behind a door could fit in that suitcase. After some time, I walked to the suitcase and opened it. Now the cover of the suitcase seemed to be a door itself, and behind it was my attic room. I walked inside and noticed that the dinosaurs were still soaring through the sky.

This flash was published in print magazine Sleeping Fish.

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